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We provide one-to-one and group therapeutic yoga for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Jazuela, our Yoga Teacher and Therapist, is passionate about wellbeing and education for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. To support this dedication, she has:​

  •  Trained with Special Yoga

  • Working with children with SEND since 2014

  • previous experience as a SENCo

  • a BSc Psychology

  • an MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis*

  •  DBS clearance

  •  ASDAN Training

  •  Yoga Teacher Insurance

  • First Aid Training



  • Improved emotional regulation

  • Improved concentration

  • Improved proprioceptive awareness

  • More regulated nervous system

  • Relieved discomfort/pain

  • Improved motor skills

  • Improved mental wellbeing

  • Increased strength and muscle tone

  • Increased self-esteem

  • Improved posture




Yoga practice can be adapted for all needs and abilities. Yoga has something to give everyone. Whether it be breathing exercises, soothing sound, massage, mindfulness, asanas (postures) or even fun.

Yoga is great for schools, children's centres, families and individual's.

We offer yoga to children aged from 0 - 18 years old.



  • Yoga for children

  • Yoga for people with SEND

  • Chair Yoga

  • One-to-one sessions

  • Group sessions (up to 10 children)

  • Working with schools

  • Working with day centres

  • Working with Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and other professionals

  • Full and half day packages

  • Discounts for block bookings



1:1 sessions take a therapeutic and child led approach. We adapt the practice to the child's needs in that moment. Whether it be calming, organising or energising that the child requires, we aim to find strategies and exercises that work for them. We encourage as much independence as possible, whilst providing the correct level of support for the individual child.

Sessions incorporate asanas (postures), sound, mindfulness and massage.



We offer group yoga sessions for up to 10 children. Group sessions are a great way for children to have a shared experience and learn to feel calm and confident around other children. It may even encourage communication; providing a different way to interact.

Group sessions always start and finish with the same activity to maintain some structure for the children. However, throughout the class we will incorporate different asanas (postures), sound, mindfulness and massage. We adapt the session based on the individual needs of the group.

Supporting adults are required for groups of more than 3 children (the number of supporting adults required is dependent on the size and needs of the group).

Group sessions are great for schools and children's centers.

However, if as parents/carers you have a group of you who are interested in your children practicing yoga, please contact us and we can make arrangements.



Yoga is a great way to improve the mental and physical well being of your pupils and increase their readiness to learn.

Yoga can be used as:

  • part of a sensory diet

  • a PE lesson (using Pupil Premium or PPA Time)

  • for completion of related ASDAN Modules

  • individual therapy

  • promoting Mental Health

  • leisure activity

We are happy to work closely with OTs, PTs, Teachers and/or any other professionals within your setting. Together we can achieve the best outcome for these children.

We provide one-to-one and/or group sessions within schools. If there are multiple classes/ children that you would like us to work with, we offer full and half day packages.

We know that funding can often be difficult and therefore provide discounts for block bookings of weekly sessions for a term.


"The yoga session was very relaxing and engaging for young people with special needs. They were able to participate as it was delivered at the right level. The young people loved the sensory lights and music element of the session. We can't wait to participate in more sessions!"



Yoga is a great extra curricula activity or alternative therapy for children. Yoga brings your child into their body, building self-esteem and awareness.

Whether it be calming, organising or energising that your child needs, yoga can provide methods to do so.

We provide one-to-one sessions in your home, at a hired community space or online. We take a therapeutic and child led approach and adapt the practice to your child's needs at the time.

We want to work with you to find strategies and exercises that work for your child. 

We also offer family sessions for your household to practice together. This can be very beneficial for you to connect and relax as a family unit.

For pricing, please request a quote. We offer discount on block bookings and concession prices for low income families.



Tuesdays - Long Ashton
Thursdays - Shirehampton

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We have teamed up with Access Sport to offer community classes in Shirehampton, Bristol.

4.30pm (16-19year olds)
5.15pm Chair Yoga (All ages welcome)

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